Monday, December 20, 2010

Evil Laughter...Waahaahaaa!

There is a special bond between mother's and son's, and every wife of one of these sons knows what it is!  Momma's cooking!!!  It doesn't matter how good mom's food was the best!  Ask any son and he will tell you.  "My momma was the best cook!"

Well, I am now passing on that tradition, bond, forever connection to mom....that's what it is ya know.  It is the mother's way of staying in her son's heart for all his life.  It is the evil plan of all mother's of sons...if you have a husband you know what I am talking about!

The young, new wife will cook her little heart out just to hear, "Did you get this recipe from Mom?? Why don't you get her recipe??"  And all you hear is "Waahaaahaaa!" from somewhere in the distance.

How do I know I am continuing this evil plan?  Hotrod is constantly telling me that I am the best cook.  I make the best _______________.   Fill in the blank, unless it has beans.  These are the tastes of his childhood that will be remembered as he leaves from college and will drive for hours to get a taste of...waahaahaahee!

I cemented it tonight...from scratch cinnamon rolls....not my recipe, but the best in the land!  Hotrod downed two, before I stopped him. Oh yeah!!!!

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  1. We love from scratch cinnamon rolls! The best and so easy to freeze. :)

    My husband does tell me he enjoys my cooking more than his mothers though. He thinks I am more adventurous. I tend to cook more variety.