Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankfully there were only two lipsticks....

My son never did things like daughter...Today, I put my precious Princess down for her nap in the Pack in Play. (since we are not at home)  I did not hear from her for two hours.  Saul and I rested, jumped on the trampoline, and then I sat on the front porch.  R&R!, or so I thought... Olivia started screaming, so I headed in to get her.  As I was walking upstairs, I could hear her saying, "BooBoo! BooBoo!"  I turned the corner and took in the scene.  My Princess was covered from her nose down to her toes in what looked like dried blood.  It was everywhere!  On the sheets, her palm prints on the pack in play, everywhere!!  I screamed for my MiL.
As I looked closer to find the source, it was then that I noticed my brand new purse with all of its contents spread about in the pack in play.  My MiL came in at this point, before she could freak out I said, "it is not is my lipstick!!!"  Apparently, my Princes had woken up from her nap, had seen her mother's purse on the bed, and helped herself to it.  Thankfully she was only in a diaper, but when we took the diaper off, she looked sunburnt!  You would have thought someone had painted her with the lipstick from head to toe!  Not only did she destroy two tubes of lipstick, but she took her little fingers and dug them out of the container.  OH YEAH!!!  I scrubbed for an hour.  The pack in play no longer has any resale value and yes, I had to go to walmart to buy new lipstick.  The irony...when my MiL came home, I was so excited about the nap that Olivia had been taking.  No wonder she was so quiet!!!!

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