Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Escape from Planet Swordland

My God is awesome!!!  There has been twice that I have looked to the heavens for a spiritual rescue, and both times an answer, with an escape, has come within 24hrs.  What am I running away from this time?  Ordinary life.  The same thing day in and day out without a change in sight.  Don't get me wrong, I am involved in some amazing things and I am surrounded by the most loving friends and family, but sometimes I get so restless.  I sink in those times.  My God is always gracious, but this time was serious.  I needed away for awhile....Don't fret, there is nothing wrong with Matt and I!!  I just needed out.  So where does He send me??? South Dakota, of all places!!!! (for those of you who love it forgive the next few words...) The most flat, desolate, empty place I have ever been in, and is where I want to be.  Nothing holding me in, or back.  I can run and run and run with nothing in sight. No walls, no boundaries, and a loving family around me for when I come back to reality.  Yes, my little ones are with me, but that is OK.  They love a  good adventure, and a good roadtrip. Look for the awesome pictures when I return!!! Love you all!

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