Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What? Your daughter never gave you a coffee bath???

This morning, I, Melissa, Protector of Swordland, decided that a cup of coffee and a bath would make my sick body feel better. So I made a cup, and proceeded to the tub.  Matt, Chief protector, was home to monitor things while I was occupied.  While I was drawing my bath, Princess decided she wanted in too.  This is unusual, so I agreed and we played in the tub for a while.  When she was ready to get out, we called Daddy and he came and got her.  My little Princess decided to check on mommy one more time, and swung her little arm around the shower curtain to peek in. In so doing, she knocked my coffee mug into the tub!!! "NO!  darn!!! OH NO!! Darn!!!"  I was swimming in coffee.  In utter dismay, I let the water out and fished out my mug. It was chipped and cracked.  Matt's comment?  "Well, that's not therapeutic." 
As I refilled the tub, I soon discovered the little shards of ceramic in the tub...OH YES!!!!!  I spent the next few minutes cleaning out the tub of ceramic.  I eventually managed to get a bath.  I have yet to have my coffee!

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