Monday, October 4, 2010

New Joys

As a new mom, you love your baby, adore your little one, coo and gaa over it, etc., but there is no reaction from that new life, seemingly, for months.  It is a very lonely time for moms and no one seems to warn them about it, and yet we all experience it.  As they grow, they smile, laugh and follow you around and bring you joy, but it is still a very quiet time when they can't talk.  Then somewhere after yr 3 edging into yr 4 and beyond you have this little person that has ideas and thoughts, comes up with games to play, and is pure joy to be around.  (OK, most of the time) :) Hotrod is now in this stage, as he is almost five going on 20.  Life is rarely boring to him and all experiences are still new and exciting.  We popped popcorn last night and watched The Incredibles and had the best time!  You would have thought he had never seen popcorn pop before!  He made sure all four of us were standing there watching the popcorn machine as each kernel popped and came flying out.  It is times like these that Matt and I steal a glimpse at each other and realize the new joys that our children are bringing us.  As I have said before, life on Planet Swordland, with God's grace and mercy, is good.

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  1. I agree - It really makes you rediscover the simple joys - and appreciate your kids (which let's face it... we need reminding sometimes) I love those "Life is good" moments