Monday, October 11, 2010

My Mirror Image

You know, having a little girl is a different experience than having a boy.  They somehow dig deeper into your heart, into your psyche.  Normally, it is cute to have Princess copy everything I do, in a way that Hotrod did not.  Carrying my purse, putting lotion on her legs, putting on my perfume, etc., but when she seems to be a copy of my personality...then we have problems.  It doesn't help that somewhere in God's plan Mom was to leave this world at an early age.  I don't have her to call and ask, "Ok, did I do this, this and this?? And what did you do to handle it??"  My sister and I seem to have girls that are similar in personality, so we go back and forth on what to do.   I was in tears tonight as I disciplined my strong willed, headstrong little girl. Not because of the discipline, but the fact that I can't call Mom and say, "really??? My attitude was this big at this age??? My temper was this strong early on??"  It gives you a new perspective on how God must see us when we are learning our daily lessons in faith and obedience. I am not looking for advice...just venting a bit.  There are some times that I miss Mom more than others and tonight was one of them.

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