Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yes, I was that Mother today...

You see it all the time at Wal-mart, the kid crying or screaming in the front of the basket and the mom pushing the cart as if nothing was happening or wrong.  You wonder what the kid did, or the what the mom said 'no' to, or you know you do it!! Especially if you have NO KIDS!!!!!

Only once, that I can remember, did Hotrod pull this stunt.  Princess has pulled it several times now and she is only two.

She is going through a rough stage, (once again, my son did not go through this stage) if she doesn't like it, she screams and throws herself down.  To which I apply Vitamin S to her bottom and put her in timeout.  Thankfully they are short lived.  She will come out of it in a about 15seconds, but they are constant!!

Today at Wal-mart, we went by the deli/pizza section and she delightedly screamed, "Pizza!!!". To which I said, "No, not today".  You can see where this is going...

She was so upset that a precious old man stopped me to ask what the matter was! (Remember, I was ignoring her as I was picking out apples.) I explained what happened and he then proceeded to laugh and tell Princess that she was probably a beautiful little girl, but he couldn't tell because of the screaming. 

This did not stop her one bit.  She continued through the produce to the frozen vegetables and she finally calmed down.  Her mood changed to such an extent that two minutes later she was laughing at Hotrod. 

To top it off, a mother walked by me with her little ones in the basket, looked at my two, and said, "See, you should be behaving like those two good kids!"  I only shook my head...

My daughter...she is my joy and the cause of my gray hair...wait...going to be the cause of my gray hair. ;)


  1. I would rather see a child unhappy to not get something in a store; than to see the one I passed a few months ago munching on pork rinds from the bag mom pulled from the shelf, and gave to the preschooler. Yes, pork rinds. Honestly I do enjoy them myself from time to time (road trips seem to make them more appealing) but not my preschool aged child. I guess pair it with a Mt Dew to make a complete meal?

  2. You are so right and thank you for that encouragement! I am laughing at the Mt. Dew comment, although Diet Coke seeems to be the beverage of choice for splurging! ;)