Monday, February 28, 2011


You know, one of the funniest things about kids is their ability to completely mess up words or just plain get them wrong.  Whether it is the pronunciation of it or the use of it, it is always good for a laugh.

Yesterday morning, early..., Hotrod got up and graced us with his presence.  Mom and dad had no intention of getting up, so he entertained himself around us...over us...around us... you get the idea. 

Hotrod's imagination is thorough. When he pretends it is complete. On this particular morning, he decided that mom and dad needed hot chocolate in bed and set out to set up his Hot Chocolate Maker Machine.  Once this task was complete, he washed mugs, poured in the milk, and steamed the milk.  With the sound effects I thought I was at Starbucks!! (I guess he has been a few times to  know how to make the sounds...)

Well, he put in the hot chocolate and handed us our first mugs. Pretend hot chocolate is the best you know.  On our third cup, Matt asked Hotrod what kind of hot chocolate it was.  To which Hotrod replied....Pimppermint!!!

WHAT???? Matt and I doubled over in laughter... "What kind of hot chocolate?" "Pimppermint!!"  To which we laughed again...I know, grow up, right?  We corrected him and then he properly told us that it was peppermint hot chocolate.

(spellcheck had a lot of fun with pimppermint...hehe)
(fine!!! I will grow up!!) :P

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