Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The decision has been made...

There are moments in life that define and confirm your limitations in such a clear way that you have to listen and abide, especially when you have spent hours in prayer over the matter. Today was one of those moments.  In accepting that limitation, I have to accept the fact that it is not defeat, I am not quiting.  There is a difference in walking away smartly, before someone gets hurt, and just quiting because you think it is too hard.

You are now wondering what has weighted so heavily on my heart.  The answer? What to do with Hotrod's education. Do I send him to the nice public school that we have found and can easily get him into because of Matt's occupation, or do I homeschool.

I am a teacher by profession, a darn good one at that (forgive my arrogance), but I am hotheaded and fiery.  My son seems to bring it out in me the worst....especially during our school time.  I have come a long way in working on my attitude, but well, I am still working.

I guess I could say this without all the drama, but it has been a drama kind of morning.  I am so grateful for the two friends that talked me away from the edge. :)

We want what is best for our children and this has weighted so on me, but the decision is made, I will send my little one somewhere else for his education.  Whew!  Glad that decision is made.  Now it is time for some brownies to fix the fiasco of this morning!!!!!

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