Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wanted: Dinosaur Herder, Apply Within

Yesterday on Planet Swordland I had an interesting experience.  As we were leaving to take Hotrod to school, I asked him which friend (stuffed animal) he was taking with him. He told me he was not taking a friend, but nine of his Planet Swordland dinosaurs. Baby dinosaurs...


I wanted to stop and say, "But they are not real!!!" Instead I said, "Are you sure?"
He replied, "Yes, mom!!"

So he herds them out the door and into the car...literally. I swear the car lilted in one direction because of these imaginary dinosaurs.  We had nine of them with us...remember?

When we got to school, I opened the door, and again he herded them out.  He was trying to tell his teacher about them, but she was distracted at the moment.  I waited just a bit and then told her who her guest were today.  She thanked me for the warning.

And then I forgot about them...until I went to pick Hotrod up that afternoon.

It was raining, so I pulled under the portico and opened the door for him, signed the pad, helped him in, and went around to my side of the car.  As I was getting in, Hotrod was almost in my seat trying to tell me something about dinosaurs. 

"What??" I said.
"Momma, you forgot about my Planet Swordland dinosaurs! They are out in the rain on the curb!"


Apparently, he had only herded in four of the dinosaurs when I shut the door.  I pulled the car to the first available parking space, and as asked, I got out of the car (in the rain), went around to the other side, opened his door, and he physically helped in five of his imaginary dinosaurs.  The last one took a little bit, because he got stuck...I was in the rain waiting on a stuck imaginary dinosaur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once they were all in, I shut the door and got out of the rain.  I swear!!! The car lilted!!! Nine dinosaurs will do that!

What is a mom to do? :)

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