Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We went up and then came down....

Disclaimer: blogger is having issues with my pics. The site is uploading them in a very pixelated way and I don't know how to fix it.....sorry.

For about 12yrs now, my MIL has wanted to walk a particular bridge in St. Augustine. You have to cross it in order to get to the beach. It is no small bridge. It is about a mile long and quite high. So, later  that afternoon, we set off to walk it with cousin Stacy as our guide.

We even talked Aunt Grace into going who is greatly afraid of heights. 

The views were wonderful as the sun was starting to set and the kids thought it was great.

Aunt Grace facing fear head on! Ok, actually her back is turned to it. :)

Like I said, no small bridge. Imagine traffic whizzing by on our left. I was thankful for the pedestrian walkway!

Well, Princess and I were the last of the crew, so as we caught up with everyone at the top, they were all turning around! Someone chickened out! I won't tell who....but it wasn't Aunt Grace. ;)

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