Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fort Castillo de San Marcos

Summer 2013 has officially started! 

After weeks of wrapping things up and getting ready, we jumped in the car and headed south to my FIL's family home in St. Augustine, FL. After a fantastic day on the beach, yesterday, we headed to Fort Castillo de San Marcos for the morning. 

The construction was started in 1672 and was finished in 1695. It is the oldest masonry fort in the continental U.S. 

                          Inside the bunkers

                   On top facing the east corner



                   Princess loves her Aunt Grace!

                  Fire the cannon!

Why am I seeing images of the coyote on bugs bunny here?

                       Matt and my FIL, Don
                  What are you looking at guys?

               No lack of personality here!

She won't really leave us...



We had a good time and looked forward to the air conditioning in the car! ;)

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