Sunday, June 16, 2013


The day that Matt and my FIL, Don, left, the kids and I struck out on our first adventure alone. Boy, did we pick a 
fun and challenging one! Visiting the east coast is an authentic replica of a Spanish galleon, El Galeon. It is in 
celebration of 500 years of Florida history. Here are two links if you want to read about it.

To say that it was not accessible to strollers is to put it mildly, so into my arms Little Man went! Princess was 
thankfully so brave and adventurous! I could not help her up and down ladders, steep stairs with no railing, or 
boat ramps with only rope to hold on to. We managed to see all three levels. I can not say that I would ever 
want to travel in that manner!

There are tales that Matt almost lost me to a young Spanish sailor......well, I don't think he had anything to worry 
about. ;)

Enjoy the pics!

We next went for gelato! Yum!

Next adventure to come soon!

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