Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family Beach Photos....The Planet Swordland Way

We all knw that as a family, well, beautiful and perfect family photos are a rarity. We try, really we do!   So why I expected any different on the beach.....I don't know. It was still fun!

                 I can not say that Little Man was all that thrilled with the sand.

While we were trying to take pics, a man near by caught a blacktailed shark! He was kind enough to let Hotrod and I hold it. It was pretty cool! We released it back into the ocean.

    Daddy love! doesn't get any cuter!

How are you supposed to take pics when your man is constantly doing things like this? We even tried the walking picture and he hummed "Chariots of Fire" the whole time! Could not stop laughing!

He is my man!

My favorite!

We ended this day with a fabulous date night. It was great! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for keeping all three munchkins!

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