Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pumpkins and attitude!

This year, because of my trip to Hot Springs, we did not get out to get pumpkins until the Saturday before Halloween.  I know, cutting it close!
The kids and I returned to the Mom and Pop place we went to last year and they were just as excited to pick out their pumpkins, but not so willing to take will see.

Hotrod's goal was to get the biggest, fattest, and longest pumpkin ever.  Do you see the one he is pointing at?
Yes, we came home with it. I was impressed that I was able to get it into the car. :) 

Oh! The choices!

Yes, ya'll are the cutest things ever!

I think she found some that she liked!

My beautiful little girl. :)

Hotrod was very proud of this almost black pumpkin.  The kids picked out six little pumpkins to go into the kitchen.  In Hotrod fashion, he gave this species a name, Black Mawman. 

The family had a trailer full of pumpkins to sell, but also to climb in and take pictures...which I tried to do. Unfortunately, Hotrod was still so engrossed into his Black Mawman that he could not stop talking about it.

"Alright! Look at Momma! Smile!..."

"Seriously, look at Momma.  Smile at the camera!"

I decided that the sun was in their eyes too much to actually look at me, so I tried another tactic...the other side of the wagon.

"...Do you think if we ignore her she will stop trying??"

"I will try looking the other way, with attitude."

"Wow, she doesn't give up! Is there something on my face or am I that precious looking?"

Ok, I gave up at this point.  Sometimes it is just better to give up and enjoy the moment, then fret over pics not taken. :)

We came home with three good size pumpkins, and enough little ones to decorate the kitchen.

Oh, if you would like to see how much they have grown over this past year... Click Here. Enjoy!

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