Friday, November 25, 2011

How not to get melted crayon wax out of a mini muffin pan...

There are times in life that you know you look like an idiot...this was one of them. 
      I was in the process of making a first run of the home-made cream puffs that I am taking to a Christmas party in a few weeks. Matt ran to Dollar General to get whipped cream, and I pulled out the mini muffin pan.  It was then that I remembered when I used it melt crayon pieces to make new crayons.  Apparently, I did not clean it out...ugh.
     Here was the thought process...I will simply put it in the oven to heat it up while I clean the kitchen, and when it has melted, I will then wipe it out.  Sounds easy right??? What would be even easier? Putting it in at a high temp. to heat it up real fast!!!
      I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher, starting to smell melted crayon...
      When, out of my peripheral vision, I see something that is not right...a light, glowing in my oven...the light does not work in my oven...

                    "OH NO!!! THE OVEN IS ON FIRE!!!!"

       I pulled the oven door open to find 24 mini fires in my mini muffin pan...."What do I do??? What do I do???" I wasn't going to pull out the fire extinguisher for this! So I did the next best thing...
      I pulled out a hotpan holder and grabbed the pan.
                 "HOTROD! OPEN THE BACK DOOR!!!"

                                  "I can't mommy!!!"
                 (If you know of my back door, this is true....)

         What did I do with the flaming pan in my hand??? Why, I ran through the house to the front door, opened it, ran down the porch steps and threw it in the grass!  To my dismay, it landed slightly sideways and caught the grass on fire!

                                    "OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!" 

          If you were outside at the time, you would have then seen me, wildly hitting the pan and grass with my hotpan holder, with two children standing behind me watching their crazy mother!!

         To say that I have laughed hysterically over this, would be an understatement...just ask Matt. :)


  1. Hey Mel,
    When I was 13 I took trash out to a burn barrel in green fuzzy slippers. The trash flew out of barrel and onto ground, since I had on fuzzy slipper, I was afraid to stamp out small fire. Ran to get a hose, turned around, BIG GRASS FIRE!!! Had to call the volunteer FD to put out fire. I will never wear green fuzzy slippers outside again.
    Blessings, Pam Muse