Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why I have a line between my eyes...

Grocery shopping...

  • daughter crying b/c mommy will not push the race car. (mommy has tried and literally can not push that cart!)
  • hair pulling
  • scratching sister's face...the cries that follow
  • son touching everything possible, pop on the bottom. yes, in wal-mart.
  • calculating in my head the price of canned tomatoes w/or w/o a coupon and if the store brand would still be cheaper
  • not paying attention to my children while I am doing this and finally realizing that my daughter (in the front of  the basket) is looking down my shirt.
  • daughter trying to lick the basket
  • son constantly jerking on the basket...pop on the bottom each time. again.
  • take the kids to the potty, wash hands.
  • Little sister tries drinking from the faucet while I am distracted with big brother running his fingers all along each and every surface in the bathroom.
  • shopping again, and daughter has to poop.
  • back to the bathroom...daughter does not poop.
  • back to shopping
  • worn out by this time...we go to two stores...
  • "Son, stop doing things that you think I can not see.  I can see you even when you think I can't."
  • My budding gentleman opening all the car doors for me...from the inside of the car...and stepping on my open container of California rolls at the same time.
  • Finally getting into the car, and catching my reflection....the line that has now formed between my eyes is so furrowed that I don't think I can salvage the damage done.

This is why mothers look worn out and frazzled...and I only have two.


  1. I love this! actually said today after grocery shopping with my 3... well that pretty much seals the deal on 3 kids for us :)
    by the way... your post says tues nov 1, tues was nov 2...?

  2. No, it was right on the date. the guy's bd was on the 2...wed. :) No worry, I get my days confused on a regular basis. Mommyitis!!