Thursday, September 30, 2010

Minivan Thursday

If you were to drive by my house on Thursdays at about noon, you would think a Minivan convention was being held.  And NOT A ONE of these belongs to me!!! I have learned in life never to say never, because when you do it always happens, but God willing, I will NEVER own a minivan!!  Yes, I laugh at the Swaggerwagon song like everyone else, but give me a SUV or a truck and I am happy.
All that aside, Thursdays are balm to my soul.  I love these ladies that God has so richly blessed my life with.  Today in the midst of uncertainty and unrest in most of our lives, we were in my front yard hula hooping like a bunch of kids.  Good thing that wont be put on the internet!! :)

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  1. And it is moms like you who make our culture thrive. (and you KNOW me - I don't just say sappy things like that...) Many thanks for looking after your family and friends. (and have a look at my blog too --