Monday, September 27, 2010

Life on Planet Swordland

I am sitting here listening to my 21 month old daughter laughing to Samaria Jack.  Yes, that is life on Planet Swordland.  It's a little different here, some say weird, but it is good.  There are four of us: Dad, Mom, Son and Daughter, plus a cat.
According to Son, we are a family of Rescue Heros.  We come with a theme song and an emergency siren...a very annoying emergency siren!!!!  What happened on Planet Swordland today?? Well, fall finally came in with a cold and dreary day.  We switched out clothes and did some schoolwork.  Son is learning to read and is doing very well.  He will be five in a couple months.

Look out for pics as I update our family blog with stories of adventure and life from Planet Swordland


  1. Hello there friend - so you caved huh? I think it's a great idea!!!!