Friday, July 26, 2013


Once we got home from St. Augustine, we were gone again in 8 days! This time? Omaha, Nebraska and South Dakota! We attended a family reunion in Omaha for one side of Matt's family and then visited the other side of Matt's family in South Dakota. Whew!!! Lots of driving! Lots of great visiting! Apparently , I was too busy visiting, swimming, eating, and keeping track of three kids that I took very few pictures. 

Hotrod, Princess and I slipped away for a couple of hours to go to the Duhram Museum. They had a TRex exhibit that, well, we could not miss! It really was fun!

Here is the link!

Run! Run for your lives!

TRex would have so done it like this!

That is a fierce looking TRex!

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  1. Everyone loves a good TRex :) I also wish I had taken more pics during the visit! But there will be other times...