Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chocolate Torte in a Pool?

On this particular day in St. Augustine, Hotrod, Princess and I did something very special. The day before, Hotrod and I went on our first Mother/Son outing. He took me to the Lightner Museum. Here are two links to view it.

It is really something to see! Once The Hotel Alcazar, it now houses beautiful 
collections of early nineteen century things. What we did not realize, was the 
time limit to go to the Cafe Alcazar that is housed at the bottom of the three 
story pool. Obviously, it is now empty. So the three of us went together while 
Grandma kept Little Man.

He is a cutey!! Notice how fresh and cool he looks. We had just gotten out of the car. 
Florida humidity had not yet worked its magic. 

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!! We ate lunch in the park and walked over to the museum 
to enjoy our special treat, a flour-less chocolate torte.


We might have been a little on the hot side by this point! Oh well! The kids 
did a great job minding their manners.

I am trying to teach her to be a lady.....thankfully, we have a few years!

If it would have been polite to lick the plate, we would have fought over it.

You can see the concrete bottom of the pool here. The side steps lead 
down into the water on either side of the pool. They would have diving 
competitions off the third floor!

The good manners could only last for so long!

We went into the courtyard and feed the coy fish afterward. I love this 
picture! Princess is doing her thing and big brother is watching 
with loving eyes.

The world's largest bunny ears!

Such a spirit!

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