Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veteran's Day Parade

Today, in honor of our veterans, our little town had a Veteran's Day Parade. I love them. There is something wonderful about celebrating our country's flag and the men and women who give themselves for it.
It truly is a beautiful sight.
There is always something different in the face of an older veteran.
Isn't she great? I wonder what her story is.
Wait a minute!! It is one of my favorite veteran's!!! And his new golf cart! They will let anyone in the parade these days. ;)
Yes, that is Hotrod and Princess. I think they will be in every parade now that Pappy is here! Fun! Yes, Princess is in a princess dress...
Does she not just exude drama?
My eldest...tears come to my eyes just thinking about the possibility of his serving this country someday. What kind of country will it be when he is old enough to make that decision?
Praise God that He is in control! God...not my son...
Just to note...I do not know anyone in these pictures (aside from my own). I just loved them in the parade.

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  1. I completely understand the tears part. Both of my brothers have served our country. Like you said, we just have to trust God. Love the pictures - you are very creative.