Monday, November 26, 2012

Decorating Neeniemomma's Christmas Tree

 Since my Grandfather passed away, Matt and I have typically decorated my Neeniemomma's house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. We then take it down for her the day after Christmas. Well this year Hotrod and Princess got to do the decorating!

Is it a good idea to let them on the step ladder like that?
Good parenting 101!


Seriously....the step ladder?

Who put me with these yahoos?


You're my brother? Whose decision was that?

Torture...sister style.

I know this pic is blurry, but it is still precious!!!!! It was so good to be home for Thanksgiving this year!!! Looking forward to Christmas!


  1. LOVE these pictures!!! So sweet! I especially love the one of them all on the floor together. :) I want that picture! Miss all of you so much

    1. You know that you can download the pic to your computer. I don't know about quality, though.