Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carmel apples

Did I tell you about this caramel apple? It was serious business.
Hotrod specifically asked Grandma to make caramel so he could experience his first caramel apple...on a stick. It had to be on a stick. Thankfully,we had one apple, but Grandma did not have a stick. Her grandson was adamant about the apple being on a stick.
How was the problem solved? Popsicles!!!!! Of course you can eat Popsicles before caramel apples, we were at Grandma's house!
With all the complications taken care of, Hotrod could now enjoy his first caramel apple. He was one happy little boy!

Ahhhhhh! The anticipation!

Did caramel ever stretch so?
This is the definition of happiness and carefree summer days.

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