Friday, August 17, 2012

To the fire station!

Yesterday was our first fieldtrip! They are always better with friends, so we joined up with the B's and the L's. Thankfully, Mrs. B's bro n law is a firefighter with our local fire department. He gave us a great tour!

Mr. D showed the kids all sorts of cool "toys". This was probably the coolest! With it you can read the temperature of whatever you point it!

All of the crew! Do you realize that they have know each other since birth? Hopefully, they will always be friends. :)

Princess might have gotten a little bored...

Of course Hotrod is right in the middle!

Ok, honestly, this is one of my favorite pictures. She is my beautiful girl and I am not biased at all! :)

Mr. D was an awesome tour guide!

He might have had a slight malfunction in his was loud!!

Full gear in the middle of the summer....WHEW!!!! Made this pregnant momma sweat just looking at him!

We call this "precious!". :)

Really, this was a seriously cool toy!

Alright, here is where we show our age...Hotrod asked what this handle was for...yeah.  He had never seen a handle that rolled down a window!

Thanks, again, Mr. D!!! It was a fun time!!

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