Sunday, May 27, 2012

The End of Kindergarten

Some things need to be marked. The end of kindergarten is one of them. I think Hotrod just endured this year so that he could become a first grader. When I told him that after this evening he would no longer be a kindergartner, but a first grader, he crouched down as far as he could, jumped up and yelled, "YES!!!!!!".

We surprised him with cupcakes. Now those of you who are very creative and plan a month in will be disappointed in what Aunt Beth and I came up with at four o'clock that afternoon. :) Apparently, the weekend after all the major graduations is not the time to find cupcakes with graduation hats and such. Especially, when it is Memorial Day weekend....yah.

Waiting with anticipation as to what his surprise will be...

Cupcakes!!! Yeah!!!
Well, at least he was impressed with them.

Stop laughing....
Yes, we stuck graduation decals onto the Memorial Day, red, white and blue stars. We thought we did a pretty good job considering we couldn't even find a balloon that said "Graduation".
They glow in the dark, that has to count for something. :)

 Time to dig in! Which one will he pick?

Chocolate, of course!

My precious boy is no longer in Kindergarten....
what a year it has been.

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