Monday, May 21, 2012

Time for the Fair!!!

The fair came to town a few weeks ago, and the kids got to go with Pappy for the first time! There was nothing better than growing up with the anticipation of the fair every year.
Amy and I looked forward to going with Daddy, riding the rides and eating ourselves silly. Can anyone say "funnel cake? roasted corn? turkey legs? caramel apples?" YUM!!!!
Hotrod had the fun of meeting up with one of his best buds, N. Nothing better than going with your sister to the fair, meeting up with your friends, your first time with a "real" boyfriend...I digress. :)

Oh, the anticipation of a never before ridden ride!!!

The point at which you are desperately trying not to fall into your friend...

Just giving up and enjoying!!!!

This was Princess's first time at the fair. She was very excited! She was the only one on the helicopter ride, but that didn't bother her!!


Airplane style!!

To say that the food lacked in this small town fair....well, it wasn't what we were used too. There were no turkey legs or roasted ears of corn.

Hotrod still enjoyed his corndog!

Ok princess, this is how you drive. Just follow my lead.

Thanks big brother, but I have this!

After a few games and won animals, Pappy and I introduced the kids to a funnel cake.  This is a pivotal moment in any child's life. It is important. The eating of the funnel cake, well....

My kids took one bite and said, "it's ok.". Then turned down anymore!!!!!!!!!


Pappy and I could not eat the whole thing on our own. We had a problem...I could not fix it....

With great confusion, and just about tears in my eyes, I....with my own two hands...threw away the rest of the funnel cake.

Wow...what a moment. If my sister had been there, it would have been finished. We needed her there, in that moment....

Oh well. We still had a good time!

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  1. mmmm.... Funnel cakes....
    Love the pictures!! DEB TAKE NOTE- kids like fairs even if the parents dont! :)