Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My future genius

Ok, as a former Bio teacher and a lover of all things science, when my seven yr old makes connections that some of my high schoolers couldn't heart races and my momma sense soars!

Hotrod, Princess and I are beginning our study of nutrition. As we were reviewing atoms and molecules, I was showing Hotrod how to write chemical formulas. In the picture, you can see where I wrote the formulas for water and hydrogen peroxide at the top of the board.

I got up to chase Little Man and when I got back Hotrod had written out the chemical equation for hydrogen peroxide.....I never taught him that. Never mentioned it. It just made logical sense in his!

It was a moment that gave me momma shivers!

You can see in the picture, at the bottom of the board, that he has drawn a pic of water on the left and a pic of hydrogen peroxide on the right. He then wrote out the equation. (Yes, that is a two on the far right, not a three.) 
Proud momma here!

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