Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Da Bunny, Da Bunny, Oh We Love the Bunny!

Here we go again....The famed bunny cake.  Will we succeed?

Let's find out...

Alright, Matt is icing...

Putting together the first cake...

Will it hold?

Hotrod is skeptical...

At least the icing is good. Right, Pappy?

What kind of icing is this, Momma? Cream cheese? Hmmm....

Oh my, cream cheese icing where have you been???

Are they still standing????

Really? We did it right??


Let the decorating begin! (read "consumption of sugar")

Oh Yeah! Life is sweet now. :)

The effects of large amounts of sugar on my children.

We call it "free form decorating" :)

Ok, they are going to be up for a while...

We love our Daddy! (pass another marshmellow)

I'm feeling giddy!!!

Oh, Mr. Bunny, you were good!
Till next year!


  1. ooh ya'll were ambitious this year! Two bunny cakes. Matt was just super confident he was going to get it. :)

  2. Great pictures! I've looked at them a few times! Looks like so much fun.