Thursday, April 11, 2013


       When God leads you down a path to the answers you have been begging for...well, He deserves a praise! Some of you know the journey we have been walking down this past year and a half. Between Little Man being born, and his complications, Daddy moving in and getting settled, me taking classes while homeschooling and running a household of has been alot. Poor Princess has just floated through the house.
       With all that, my heart and prayers have been focused on one main spot, Hotrod. I have been constantly praying for wisdom and guidance on how to teach him, knowing that something wasn't right, that we shouldn't have to struggle this much. I finally had him evaluated by a private education service to confirm what I had suspected. He is very much ADD or ADHD, which ever one you say, they seem to be interchangeable these days.
       After a lifetime of  watching my father and my sister struggle with this...I admit to being heartbroken. It was recommended that I medicate with the typical ADD drugs. I know that medication has its place, and is needed at times, but I was not ready to put my 7 yr old on mind altering drugs. I have yet to come across anyone that has told of their wonderful experience on the medication. I also know, that their are people that can't get by without it. Wisdom!!!!!
       A friend of mine gave me a book to read on the diet of children with Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies. It was eye opening. On the suggestion of the book, the week before Easter, I took Hotrod off wheat. In two weeks his eczema cleared up.
       The last three days, amazing things have happened in his school work. On Monday, I gave him his usual list of new words for the next sound. 32 words to write and sound out. This normally takes up to an hour for him to finish, with much prodding from me.  That is not normal. It should take no more than 10min. I left him downstairs, went upstairs to change for exercising. I had no more turned around and he was coming up the stairs because he was done.....what? He exclaimed, "That was easy, momma!" what?
        Normally, 20 math problems can take anywhere up to 2 hrs. I am not kidding. Today, he accomplished it in 20min, on his own, while I was getting dressed. And he was still smiling when he was done. Yes, they were all right.
        He read out of his Bible, for the first time, on his own, yesterday. John 1:1-3. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest.
       I will be honest, I always dismissed ADD, did not understand it, my mind does not work that way. I had very little compassion in the classroom...God has a way of making us humble people.
       Am I saying, that we will not struggle from now on? No, of course not. But there is light starting to dawn on this struggle. I don't know if he will have to medicate at some point in time. I do know that my God is good. I have prayed for wisdom, and it has been given. He is faithful and will always be faithful, and is walking this journey before me and next to me. He has provided a way for me to teach him, not to be shoved through and fail in the system.
       Now, mind you, as I am typing this, Hotrod is drumming his pencil, playing with his toes, while staring out the to day, Momma...moment to moment...much prayer, much self control. Did I mention much prayer?

My heart...right there...walking around...


  1. oh what a blessing! Amazing what a simple diet change will do. I'm so glad you found something that is working for you both. :) Praising God with you.

  2. So happy! God is good and freely gives wisdom when we ask!

  3. I wondered about "Hotrod" when he was in my SS class. I am so so glad you know what his needs are now!!! You are agreat Mom, and he is blessed to have you as his first teacher.

  4. I agree Melissa, you are a great moom. You do a lot for your family. Alot of things that are the harder but better road. Keep praying, keep trusting. Love you.