Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little Man's first snow!

Well, look what we woke up to this morning! In about an hour we had roughly an inch of snow! It was the heavy, packing snow, just right for snowballs and snowmen!

Woohoo! Let's go play!!

Ok, fine...we had to find the snowboots, find the gloves and hats...yeah, we live in the south.

:) He's mine....both of them. :)

Yo! I look like my Daddy. Got a problem with that? Huh?

Son, can you handle that?

More proof of where we live...the tag is still on the snowboots!


In a chair, guys?


Lick for air stability...


Find your target...

Hey Now!!!!

Ta da! Our robo-snow-bot!
Watch out for the laser beam gun!

Dad had to go to work after this, so Pappy watched Little Man for a  while so Mommy could have a snowball fight!!!
She won. :)


  1. I'm guessing Matt felt right at home in that snow except there wasn't enough of it. I'm glad you clarified the tag. I couldn't figure out what was on his boots. ha!
    My crew is still waiting for snow here. I'm guessing we won't get any this year since the groundhog has already predicted spring. lol!

  2. LOVE IT! Miss you all sooo much!