Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sometimes my children surprise me with what they know and how quickly they pick up on things. Hotrod is currently interested in animal or science books...only.  That is just fine and dandy with me! I will read him all the science and animal books he can handle. How much he retains is what is surprising.
But that is not what I am writing about tonight.  My son loves...I mean loves my pizza. (ok, it is good...thanks to Melissa L. for teaching me how to make the dough!!). To prove how much he loves it, I will recite for you his prayer at supper time tonight.
"Dear God, thank you for this wonderful day.  (that is how he always starts)
I love you, God. (melt a momma's heart!)
Thank you for this pizza. I love momma's pizza. This pizza is great. (as if that wasn't enough...)
Thank you God for giving her the ability to make this pizza. (wait...isn't he five?)
I love this pizza, thank you.
I love you, God.
Now if you know anything about my son's prayers, they usually come with a lot of repeating, "Thank you God for everything." Never this specific!
I love it! How can I not??? :)

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